Jordan Daly
Jordan Daly

From startups to Fortune 500 companies, I have had the honor of learning from some of the most incredible leaders, innovators, change agents, creative geniuses, academics and business builders in the world.

I have run strategy for some of the largest companies across multiple industries.

I ran a development fund and spent time building economies and community in 3rd world countries, assessing resources and mapping out how to develop economic viability.

I started a tech company in alternative healthcare, and watched it become something completely different.

My ability to look across a business or community and determine how to create a collaborative & integrative framework is one of my greatest assets.

Through the lens of self-inquiry, I have found that individual healing is the vehicle for economical, environmental and social transformation.

We are here recalibrating our human presence on this planet, which I believe is only possible through our collective commitment to regenerative living.