Jordan Daly
Jordan Daly

Very simply, I support people and companies through their growth process.

I have had the honor of working for and with some of the most incredible leaders, innovators, change agents, creative geniuses, academics and business builders in the world.

I have run strategy, marketing, communications and creative for some of the largest companies across real estate, retail, fashion and entertainment.

I have built brands from the ground up with one product and a founder to global departments and diversified offerings.

I ran a development fund and spent time building economies and community in 3rd world countries.

I started a tech company in healthcare, and watched it become something completely different.

And throughout all of this, self - inquiry was the layer guiding me constantly.

We are the ones getting in our own way.

.My role depends on the stage of business, development of the leaders and the objectives. I take a birds eye view across the entirety of the people & the business and determine the support needed and develop a road map.