Jordan Daly
Jordan Daly

I offer deeper counsel through asana classes and one on one coaching sessions.



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Please reach out through the hello button, and let me know how I can serve.

Jordan Daly walks the walk and that is why she can talk the talk. She manages to hold a profound amount of space for both understanding the deeper spiritual sides of healing and practice while keeping one foot in understanding the logical side of the material business world after her years of experience in multiple industries. She has humility and confidence, exquisite listening skills and never misses a beat with humor.

~ Heather Lilleston, Teacher, founder Yoga for Bad People

Jordan has been instrumental in helping me to identify, launch and align my practice with every level of my being. Her brilliance, deep wisdom and business experience sets her apart- while her deep spiritual awareness and practice helps to ground it in personal truth. The only word I feel can fully encapsulate all that she is- is well, limitless. The way she sees the world, works with her lines and guides them to being better, being bigger and being a more beautiful version of themselves is truly profound. She has changed my life and I would highly recommend working with her if you are looking to level up in both your personal and professional goals.

~ Analise Roland, CMO WellSet